From Mochi to Bean (Baozi) cakes... you are sure to find delicious vegan delights in Taiwan!
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From Mochi to Bean (Baozi) cakes... you are sure to find delicious vegan delights in Taiwan!

Taipei, Taiwan… I know we can all find vegan desserts around the world, but so many asian sweet snacks are already naturally vegan... so I had no problem finding a few delicious ones to try!

These sweet treats below are all dairy and egg free. The main ingredients tend to be steamed glutinous rice, sweetened mung bean paste and sugar. Ingredients also commonly used are rice flours and cornstarch.


A famous local bakery in Taipei

Oh no... It said no photos allowed, but since they did see me take some photos... perhaps they just didn't want any locals stealing their delicious recipes. Bean (Baozi) cakes, wonton soups and more... all amazing!


Another popular bakery!

At this local bakery locals enjoy breakfast and lunch, from vegan bean or veggies cakes to tofu noodle soups.


These mochi rice and beans cake balls are delicious!

Has anyone ever tried the asian mochi rice cakes with sweet beans inside? Vegan versions in many flavors are popular in natural markets and at the Malls as well. There is also the frozen ice cream versions.


And during Chinese New Year it's time for artistic mochi rice cakes, fried bean cakes and a sweet tofu soup...

During Chinese New Year you can find many cute and creative sweet snacks based on popular dishes... so here are fun mochi cakes and a sweet and crunchy tofu soup.


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