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Cooking with Functional Foods: The Vegan Survival Guide is featured on the July/August 2015 issue of The National Culinary Review magazine.

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"The Vegan Survival Guide is a terrific resource that will help vegan veterans and newbies alike choose foods that are not just “good enough” but that provide optimal benefits for both body and mind."

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“The Vegan Survival Guide” explains how to get the most out of your diet in a way that’s easy and fun to read. — vegaliciousrecipes


Book Pages Preview
Take a look inside the VSG! Sharing a couple pages... Hope you guys like it ! ;)


Thanks everyone...

(July/August 2015) The VSG is featured on The National Culinary Review Magazine

A huge thanks to everyone at NCR! We were super excited to see this wonderful article! see magazine here


(March 2014) Thanks to everyone who participated in the book promo on my Bday!

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Book Reviews

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Greatest Vegan Cookbook I have ever bought!, March 3, 2014 By Heatherly42

I absolutely love this book! I wasn't expecting too much as most vegan cookbooks seem to think vegan life should be tasteless lol but this book is not only informative about why each dish is good for you, the recipes taste great too. So glad I bought it now and I highly recommend for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who loves healthy, yummy vegetables!

Fabulous!!!!, January 14, 2014 By K. Gilbert "Fantasy Fanatic"

Easy to read, well organized, FULL of beneficial information that will keep you wanting to learn more :-)
Excellent recipes, using easy to find affordable ingredients...makes shopping and planning meals SO much more efficient and easier. Love the book, love the Authors, bravo!

Unique add to my vegan cookbook collection, December 24, 2013 By Jackie

I own a lot of vegan cookbooks, and this one is a unique add to my collection because it teaches you about the foods and cooking methods. I love the chapter on oils because it actually walks the reader through the selection of oils and explains which oils can be used for cooking at specific temperatures. The author brilliantly suggests that we use a laser thermometer to check cook temperature (p.s. the laser thermometers also double as a great cat toy). I would prefer to see color food pictures, but the food detail bubbles surrounding the pictures more than make up for the lack of color. I made the Mashed Rosemary Garlic Cauliflower for some cruciferous aficionados, and they loved this unique recipe. I'm looking forward to trying the Peaches and Cream Chia! Yum!

Good Guide for your health if you're vegan or not, December 17, 2013 By Beige Wishart

Where was this book decades ago, when vegetarians were told they would die on a plant- based diet? The layout, photos, and information are helpful for new and old vegans. I love the reminders of what certain foods can do to add to your health. This is an excellent gift for new vegans and their worried parents.

This is a great book for anyone interested in improving their health, both vegans and non-vegans., December 16, 2013 By true_north

This book is well-researched and presented in an easy-to-read format that is both instructive and entertaining, unlike some other boring books. There are informative checklists throughout the book as well as recipes for dishes that even non-vegans would enjoy. The recipes are well-organized with sections listing the ingredients with some variation, preparation time, and easy-to-follow directions. Though there is a lot of disagreement in the field of nutrition, the book presents a lot of the information that is consistent with other reliable sources that I have seen. I recommended this book to my friends, and without exception the ones that read the book all had a positive opinion. I am a healthy person, and I take a scientific approach to improve my well-being. I feel that the information in this book could improve my health even more by helping me fine-tune my diet and meet my nutritional needs. Thank you for an exceptional book.


This book takes care of all those nutrition worries that all/others have about being vegan. It is very very clear, the layout is simple, entertaining, not overwhelming, and informative. I believe nutrition plays a big role in our mood and this book will definitely get you where you want to be. This book is a must have in your vegan book collection, I cannot wait to see what they put out next.

Awesome! Unlike any other vegan cookbook!, December 5, 2013 By Jane H

I've read many cookbooks and I must say this is unlike any other. Sharing it with my friends and family as well. I work in a busy office on the computer, I often feel tired, have headaches, and end
up taking aspirins. I realized my diet was not supporting my health and started following some of the VSG guidelines and ingredient tips. Here are a few things I did:

* Added more brain/ dopamine supporting foods and drinks to all my meals
* Added more walnuts, and protein to my breakfast
* Added tart cherries/ tart cherry juice to every meal

I do feel noticeably better than ever before. Looking back, my "on the go" breakfasts and coffee were probably leading to caffeine and sugar crashes.

All the recipes are healthy and there is something for every kind of taste! I really love the brain supporting pesto recipe! I also like the tips on adjusting for gluten free and soy free diets, as I tend to avoid these ingredients myself. All recipes I tried so far turned out great, which is something I've had trouble with in the past with other cookbooks. Love it! Highly recommend it!

Good addition to a prepper library, December 4, 2013
By ric (WHITE LAKE, WI, United States)

This a very complete book and covers the topic well. Bring up things I liked to know about like GMOs. If you do not know what GMOs are, look them up. I have not read the whole book, but what I did read is well written and laid out. I am not a vegan but I can see the value of this information, as storing this type of food can be easier than meat and fish, for example.

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The Vegan Survival Guide: Boost Your Mental and Physical Health - Your Guide to Functional Veganism


The Budwig Diet Book and DVD

The Budwig Diet book and DVD, inspired by my dad's cancer battle, received great reviews worldwide. The lessons I learned from it inspired me to write The VSG.

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What's The VSG difference? Learn how to maximize your meals with everyday plant based ingredients to feed your BRAIN, IMMUNE, BODY, DETOX and SOUL. As Hippocrates once said: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

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Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, FULL of beneficial information that will keep you wanting to learn more :-)

Unique addition to my vegan cookbook collection.

Good guide for your health if you're vegan or not.

Guia de Saude Vegano

Are you or a loved one fighting cancer? Here are big lessons I learned from german scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig plus anti-cancer Dr. Gene Wei. Tip: Vegans can learn anti-cancer recipes and simply replace the cottage cheese for organic vegan yogurt.


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