Looking for vegan friendly restaurants in Taiwan? Not a problem! ;)
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Looking for vegan friendly restaurants in Taiwan? Not a problem! ;)

My trip to Taipei, Taiwan was rich in variety, taste and culture. Taiwan is a beautiful and vibrant island filled with friendly people, incredible natural markets, fresh herbal teas and a delicious cuisine. I experienced and learned so much... so learning the very basic greetings was also essential, here they are:

Xiexie = thank you
Ni Hao = hello

I wish I new more of the local language... I just made sure to also thank the local chefs with a happy smile each time. :) Most of Taiwan's major cities have vegan and vegetarian restaurants, including the worldwide franchise Loving Hut, which you may be familiar with as well.

While trying the local vegan cuisine, it became clearn how vegetables plays such as big role in every dish, and that's something I LOVE! Every vegan or vegetarian meal has plenty of fresh green vegetables as well as nutritious beans and grains. VSG TIP: In same cases, you just have to make sure to order both the veggie dish as well as the protein source dish... just don't forget to put together a complete balanced meal.

Japanese Sushi Restaurants are popular at the food courts in Taiwan

At two unique Shopping Malls I got to enjoy the vegan dishes below...

  1. Edamame beans, the out-of-the-shell edible soybeans frequently found in Japanese cuisine. They are a rare vegan source of complete protein, and rich in fiber as well.
  2. Inarizushi, Sushi rice wrapped in sweet fried tofu.
  3. And sweet tofu, another great protein source.

To my surprise, since they focus on fresh seafood mostly of course, and althought I could find veggie rolls at the second location, things like avocado sushi rolls, or other vegan dishes are not an option.



A Japanese Restaurant operated solely by the Chef

At this cozy small cafe, a single chef runs the entire show! He takes your order, then brings you freshly prepared foods one by one, then brings you the bill at the end as well.

His food was so fresh and tasty that I just had to keep trying dish after dish. Loved them all!


A Vegan friendly Mountain Restaurant operated by the Chef as well

These are vegetables grown in the mountains... there is definitely a suttle difference that everyone here talks about, the vegetables are a bit "sweeter" than most vegetables. The temperature in the mountains vary more between morning and night, so the vegetables' textures are crispier too.

The chef runs her restaurant all herself, she is also VERY vegan friendly. She knew all the differences between vegan and all levels of vegetarianism, and she brought a pair of "communal chopsticks" so that the meat eaters didn't touch the vegan dishes with their chopsticks! And at 62, she shines energy and personality...! She was so nice to me... I loved everything!

Note: Since she doesn't have a website, sharing her business card:


Welcome to Sufood, a restaurant focused on healthy cooking


Sufood, founded on August 12, 2010, is a part of the Wowprime cooperation, the largest local dining group in Taiwan. Sufood is a stylish restaurant inspired by traditional Italian cuisine and the raising conscious of healthiness. At present, the restaurant chain with a total of 17 stores is conveniently located across Western Taiwan.

My friends and family ordered many of the dishes, so I was lucky to try a few. From rosemary breadsticks to fresh salads, soups, main courses, desserts and drinks... Sufood offers a varied menu that is fun to explore.

Here is their Herbal Tea, Milan’s Crème de Pumpkin Soup and Signature Calzone.

We enjoyed the soups and salads as well as Sufood's famous Star Pizza!

At the end, every meal ended with Sufood's Signature Osmanthus Jelly... delicious!


Fruit and Vegetables, a vegan restaurant

Loved every dish they offer... and everyone is treated to a full-course meal, here are some photos... enjoy!


A Cardboard Restaurant and cardboard zoo

Wow! A restaurant in Taiwan where everything is made of cardboard... the walls, tables, chairs, cups and napkin holders. Everything except the food, of course.

I guess the concept's creator, former paper salesman Huang Fang-liang, put the concept of re-usability to a whole other level... he made an environmental statement during an interview.

The place is beautiful and the menu included one vegan/ vegetarian option as seen in the photo below.


Another Restaurant in the mountain fully operated by the Chef


The Royal Restaurant

It was my first time trying such unique and beautifully designed dishes! This is not a vegan restaurant, but as you can see below the vegan and vegetarian options were many.


Can't remember what ALL vegan dishes were... but the 2nd one was a super tasty herbal vegan soup!


A Vegan Restaurant at the Sky of Happiness Mall food court

At the Sky of Happiness Mall I chose a vegan restaurant that offered numerous dishes... the problem I tell you, was find sitting, not a dish. They food court was packed! :)

Here is a photo of their order counter at the mall...


Let's finish with some delicious vegan home cooking!

After a long trip it was time for some home cooking with family and friends in town... and I'd love to thank everyone for the wonderful hospitality. What a great memorable trip it was... loved every moment of it! Thanks to everyone!



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