From vegan snacks to nutritional meals... Taiwan's unique Night Markets, Farmer's Street Markets and Roadside Markets have it all!
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From vegan snacks to nutritional meals... Taiwan's unique Night Markets, Farmer's Markets and Roadside Markets have it all!

Taipei, Taiwan… from numerous street markets to even an entire vegan supermarket called "ivegan", being a vegan is a respected part of Taiwan's culture. I must say, even without speaking the local language, vegan and vegetarian dishes isn't just something they do understand, it's also an option in most menus.

My trip started with a visit to my 1st street market in Taiwan. I was delighted by the variety, richness and culture of this night market so I decided to continue exploring other ones... then after a few trips I couldn't resist sharing my experience and photos. ;)

Not only I found myself supporting vendors selling unique vegan dishes, I was also surprised at the variety of vegan snacks available everywhere... then something funny as well... I noticed how vendors from natural markets in the US were truly inspired by these popular Asian snacks. Plus these Asian snacks are mostly vegan friendly already. They are based on veggies, beans, nuts and seeds.

Check out this one below for example: "Sea Tangle Crisps with Almonds" from Whole Foods... popular for years in Taiwan, now we can find locally as well. :)


Night Markets in Taipei, Taiwan

I just had to have this corn on the cob, cooked to order, plus a fresh carrot and ginger juice, super fresh and squeezed to order as well. Delicious!


Farmer's Street Markets in Taipei, Taiwan

Here are some tofu snacks plus a wide variety of beans and vegetarian meat substitutes.

It was awesome to see their traditional herbal markets. I got to try some fresh herbal tea and tropical fruits as well.


Roadside Markets in Taipei, Taiwan

While driving to a mountain resort it was easy to find street local farmers selling fresh fruits and veggies on the side of the road.



And last, but not least, there is always something vegan friendly at local markets and shops.

  1. Check out these dried apple, pumpkin and root vegetable chips from a home store.
  2. A variety of fruits and veggie drinks are found at every street corner store.
  3. And fresh coconut covered rice and bean cakes are popular ar local bakeries.

Then once again, the funny thing I thought was that if you shop at natural markets in the USA these look familiar already, don't they?



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