A Vegan Breakfast at Home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil plus a Fun Day at Rio's Popular Mall
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VSG Investigates: A Vegan Breakfast at Home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil plus a Fun Day at Rio's Popular Mall

Before enjoying a breakfast at home with family, let me share a bit about the local mall...

Shopping da Gavea, May 2016

Shopping da Gávea is one of Rio's best malls, if not the best. There's a great variety of shops, restaurants, and also a nice medium-sized stage theater.


So you can have it all in one place... grab some coffee in a charming café, enjoy dinner with friends, then end the night with a live play at the local theater.

But I had alot of catching up to do with family, so a vegan breakfast at home was first on the list. ;)

A Classic Brazilian Breakfast... Vegetarian + Vegan Options

Here are some top vegetarians and vegan breakfast ideas you can enjoy in Brazil + some tips.

  • Pão de Queijo (cheese bread), the most popular snack and now even available in the USA at Costco, Whole Foods, and many other markets. We eat these for breakfast or anytime of the day... kids grab them at the "Padaria" (Bakery) before school, after school, really anytime! Vegan Tip: We shared a Brazilian Vegan Pão de Queijo recipe from "The Vegan Survival Guide" (VSG) so that you can make it at home.
  • Pão Francês (French Bread), which is enjoyed with some butter, honey, cheese, etc. Vegan Tip: Vegans can enjoy with some local fresh fruit jellies. Plus: My cousin Lelé made the best for me... she cut the bread in half and fried the top and bottom in some coconut oil. Tasty and crunchy!
  • Pamonha (corn + coconut tamale cake). A vegan gluten-free dish made of corn and coconut. It's kind of a cross between cake and a tamale. Love it! There's also an oven baked version called "Pamonha de Forno" which is more like cornbread.
  • A Slice of Cake! Popular cake flavors are chocolate, carrot and orange. Cakes are available at most Bakery Shops, but they are generally vegetarian... not vegan. Vegetarian Tip: When at the bakery ask for "Bolo de Chocolate" or some "Bolo de Fubá"... kids love these flavors.

On "The Vegan Survival Guide" we also included detailed nutrient charts, so you'll learn how to get the most from each of your meals.

Pamonha: Vegan and Gluten Free

My niece Carolina is the best! She got me some Pamonha at the local bakery and we enjoyed it at home. Delicious!


Time for Fun at the Mall: Shopping da Gávea

My niece Carolina then took me to the mall for some Japanese food and some fun!

Well, the restaurants with vegan options were just the Asian restaurants. Here they are:


The funny thing is, after renting the Pig and Kangaroo Carts (photo above) the kids saw the fun... and all the other Animal Carts got rented out... So the mall was overrun with Dog Cars, Cat Cart, Bear Carts, and their parents running after them, lol.

Next: The Gelato Ice-Cream Shop... can vegans enjoyed it too?

Gelato, an Italian word for ice cream, are craft ice creams prepared with organic sugar, organic milk, fresh fruit, nut purees and other selected flavorings.

So I asked them...

  • Any vegan ice cream options? Without dairy? (In Portuguese: Algum sorvete vegano? Sem leite?)
  • Yes, we have one, let me show you... oops, sorry, the vegan mango flavor sold out today. Come back tomorrow!

What??? Only 1 vegan flavor and it's SOLD OUT?!! Ugh...


Here are some of the flavors vegetarians can enjoy:

Fruit Flavors:

  • Açaí = Açaí
  • Abacate = Avocado
  • Banana com Canela = Banana with cinnamon
  • Caqui = Persimmon
  • Coco = Coconut
  • Fragola = Strawberry (Italian)
  • Goiaba = Guava
  • Graviola = Soursop
  • Limones = Lemon (Italian)
  • Manga = Mango
  • Maracujá = Passion Fruit
  • Pera = Pear
  • Pitanga = Cherry
  • Uva = Grape


Creamy Flavors:

  • Cappuccino = Cappuccino
  • Doce de Leite = Milk caramel sauce
  • Fior d'Arancio = Orange Blosson (Italian)
  • Fior di Latte = Milk Cream (Italian)
  • Mousse de Maracujá = Passion Fruit Mousse
  • Mousse de Limão = Lemon Mousse
  • Nocciola = Hazelnut (Italian)
  • Paçoca = Peanut Candy
  • Tapioca = Tapioca (starch extracted from cassava root)
  • Yogurte com Amarena = Yogurt with Amarena Cherry
  • Yogurte com Limão Siciliano = Yogurt with Sicilian Lemon

Have you visited Brazil? What's your favorite Brazilian vegan recipe?

Be sure to share with all of us below!


Please share your thoughts and comments

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