Enjoying some home grown veggies, fresh from the yard | Plus a look at great grandma's home, photos and cute stories
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Enjoying some home grown veggies, fresh from great grandma's yard | Plus 5 cute stories ;)

As a child I often visited great grandma's home... and one of my favorite things was all the fruit trees and the awesome vegetable yard.

My great grandma Nila grew her own food in Brazil. She also had a huge custom built rainwater collection container, a metal iron for clothing, an awesome Franklin sewing machine, and a bunch of other cool stuff that you hardly see anymore.

Her house in Brazil is still up and running, and it was about time I took a plane and enjoyed a visit! ;)

Cute Story #1: Hugging my best friend Nair

When we were kids our friend Nair always came over to help and play with us. She taught me so much! She always took care of my cousins, sibblings and I... and she always made the best food.

Right as we pulled up to the house, Nair was there waiting for me, ready to give me a huge hug!

Cute Story #2: Fresh veggies from the yard

My great grandma Nila, Nair and I used to pick out and cook foods straight from the garden. Knowing that I was vegan, Nair always cooked me some fresh veggies, rice, and beans when I was hungry. Always a perfect meal... and super nutritious too! Thanks Nair!

On "The Vegan Survival Guide" we also included detailed nutrient charts, so you'll learn how to get the most from each and every meal.

After lunch she even shared a postcard that I mailed to Brazil from California over 10 years ago. It said:

"I'm enjoying CA. It's a state of artists and vegetarians. I already have a lot of friends here."

Cute Story #3: "The Beauty Blue Book"

While spending the day at the house, we ahd a chance to look at some old family photos. My grandfather loved collecting stuff, so the house is full of his books and antiques. Something I loved seeing were his gifts to grandma... always beautiful clothings, chocolates and flowers.

I though this one was really cute! One of grandma's favorite books, very popular in the 40s! It's called: Personality Unlimited: The Beauty Blue Book (1943)... (Actually it directly translates to "Beauty and Personality: The Woman's Blue Book")

It's a book that shares yoga stretches, how to sit and cross your legs, how to wear your shoes, how to apply make-up and much more. Everything from proper attire and beauty care to the proper gloves to wear!

May 17th 2016

Cute Story #4: Photos show personality, don't they?

Here's a funny one.... my mom trying to pose me for a photo, lol. Now I can see, I was a difficult one... strong minded, vegan and all. Moms go through a lot for sure! lol

Cute Story #5: The philosophy of "Formigas Tanajura" Tanajura Ants

These ants cut pieces of leaves and carry them to their nests for food.

In the part of Brazil, where my grandma lived, these ants are everywhere. After seeing a tiny one carrying a huge green leaf, I just had to take this photo.

I remember my family teaching me the philosophy behind these hard-working ants: They never quit. They work hard during winter and summer, and they always do their best! And it's easy to see, right? They are hard workers!


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