List of vegan restaurants in Venice, California... from Cafe Gratitude to Seed Kitchen and more
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List of vegan restaurants in Venice, California... from Cafe Gratitude to Seed Kitchen and more

The city's name almost says it all so... Let's go Vegan in Venice, CA! The beach, warm weather, fun, fitness and artistic culture around town inspires a healthy lifestyle. And you will make no mistake with so many choices of restaurants and markets focused on organic balanced meals.

For vegans and vegetarians there are many choices of no meat, no eggs and no dairy meals. And most places have large varied menus, so you can choose anything from raw to cooked foods, soups, salads and sandwiches as well as vegan desserts.

Plus in CA being vegan does not mean no fun also... Cafe Gratitude offers beers and wine, and Whole Foods offers raw and vegan desserts for all tastes. Let's take a look:


Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Venice, CA

Seed Kitchen
1604 Pacific Ave (at Windward), Venice, California 90291
Phone: (310) 396-1604
Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Organic, Macrobiotic, American, Juice bar, Fast food, Take-out

In Autumn 2008, Chef Eric and his wife Sanae Suzuki opened Seed Kitchen in Venice, California. Seed Kitchen showcases Eric’s talent in redefining vegan and macrobiotic to-go fare that is upscale in taste but is still affordable and casual. Many of his celebrity clients are big fans of the menu items at Seed Kitchen.


Lincoln Vegan Grill - inside Whole Foods Venice
225 Lincoln Blvd (at Rose Ave), Venice CA 90291
Phone: (310) 566-1700
Cuisine: American Burger Mediterranean Vegan

wholefoods venice

This dedicated all-vegan grill and counter is located inside Whole Foods Market Venice by the fresh produce area. They make grilled veggies packaged for grab-n-go, one daily hot vegan soup, and offers a concise menu of made-on-order burgers and sandwiches, each served with your choice of side salad.




Cafe Gratitude - Venice
512 Rose Ave (at 5th St), Venice, California 90291
Phone: (424) 231-8000
Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Organic, American, Raw, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Café Gratitude is a collection of 100% organic plant-based restaurants specializing in gourmet cuisines. They support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products.


Sage Vegan Bistro

Culver City: Culver Crossroads
4130 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
Phone: (424) 228-5835

Echo Park: 1700 West Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: (213) 989-1718

Casual neighborhood spot offering a long list of vegan & veggie dishes, including desserts.






Other vegan friendly restaurants in Venice, CA

Many other local restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian dishes as well... Asian restaurants, for example, always offer veggie, tofu and noodle dishes that can be prepared without meat or fish... just make sure to ask them to use a clean cooking pan with fresh oil, so your dish is not cooked on the same pan as fish for example.


There are many more vegan friendly places around town... so be sure to also share with us your recommendations below.


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