Follow Your Heart: Vegan Cheese, Vegenaise... yumm. But wait, an awesome Market & Cafe too? Ohh Yeah!
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Follow Your Heart: Vegan Cheese, Vegenaise... yumm. But wait, an awesome Market & Cafe too? Oh Yeah!

Are you vegan, vegetarian or lactose intolerant? Then you've probably tried all the delicious vegan cheeses and vegenaises made by "Follow Your Heart". Not only are they available at your local natural food market but you can find them at many mainstream markets as well. They've also recenty updated their website, and I must say, it looks great! Check it out:

Follow Your Heart: The Cafe

In the heart of the San Fernando Valley, in the now historic district of Canoga Park, CA you will find "Follow Your Heart", the market and cafe.

There is a market in the front, and if you keep walking you'll find the restaurant in the back. You can dine inside, at the counter, or even outside in a cozy covered patio.

Home style comfort-food and generous portions make this place a favorite amongst locals! Their menu is full of variety, from dairy to non-dairy, and vegan to now gluten-free options too. Take a look at some photos of their delicious dishes below:


So what's my favorite dish you ask?

I must say: THE LOVE PLATE! A tradition at Follow Your Heart since 1971. You get:

  1. Half a sandwich
  2. A cup of soup or dinner salad
  3. Plus your choice of coffee, hot or iced tea, or a small juice.

My favorite Love Plate combo is the Reuben Sandwich + Soup of the Day + Juice!


Follow Your Heart: The Market (and super nice bookstore as well :)

Within the market you will find everything you need from local fresh produce and groceries, to even things like musical instruments and salt lamps.

And my favorite is the little bookstore with all the latest titles in health, diet, fitness and more. To tell you the truth, they make great use of the space and fill up every corner with unique gifts and items. There is always something interesting to explore.


Glad I "Followed my Friends" to "Follow Your Heart", lol: I actually lived a few blocks down the street from their restaurant but never knew about it. BIG thanks to my friends for showing it to me. Growing up in Brazil I didn't even know that vegetarian or vegan restaurants existed, lol... that's probably why I didn't search for them in the past.


How about you, do you have a favorite vegan restaurant? And have your tried vegan cheeses or vegenaise?

Be sure to share with all of us below.


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Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, FULL of beneficial information that will keep you wanting to learn more :-)

Unique addition to my vegan cookbook collection.

Good guide for your health if you're vegan or not.

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