Cabarete, Dominican Republic... a popular Kite Surfing destination that is vegan friendly as well!
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VSG investigates: Cabarete, Dominican Republic... a popular Kite Surfing destination that is vegan friendly as well!

Cabarete, DR… most people know of this Caribbean destination for wind and water sports, like kite-surfing, wind-surfing, and some good old classic wave surfing. But considering the rest of the Caribbean, the last thing you would think of is vegan food when going to Cabarete. So I was surprised to find a great variety of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants throughout this town, so I just had to write about it and share.

Vegan, Vegetarian and Veggie friendly Restaurants that you should check out when in Cabarete, DR

Cabarete basically has 2 sides. One is the beach scene and the other is the town of Cabarete itself. There are some good options in both.

At the beach I grabbed some fresh veggies and fruits to sustain myself at Sandals and Voyvoy, a local Mexican restaurant, however there were bigger restaurants all along the main street behind the beaches.

And around town I was able to find unique and vegan focused restaurants.

Gorditos Fresh Mex, Cabarete, DR

Great option for Mexican food was Gorditos. I was happy to see that the rice did not have butter and that the beans were not cooked with meat. The owners were really cool also and were aware of veganism.

Gorditos Fresh Mex, Ocean Dream, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic | +1 829-844-3434

Flip Flop Falafel, Cabarete, DR

My friends grabbed some sushi next door, but I was able to find a hummus platter at Flip Flop right when they opened doors at lunch time. A protein packed life saver!

Flip Flop Falafel, Carretera 5 Ocean Dream | Plaza Ocean Dream, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic | +1 829-844-3434

Fresh Fresh Cabarete, Cabarete, DR

I didn't see this restaurant online when searching, but it was really one of the best! They had a full service juice bar, vegetarian desserts, and some great wraps.

I didn't get the address... if someone knows please share under comments below.

Clorofila, Cabarete, DR

This was my favorite! The owner and martial artist Papo really put some love and creativity into his dishes. You can tell that they really care about the food that they make. It's an island's style restaurant that serves some pretty world class meals! :)

Clorofila, Callejón de la Loma, 2 blocks from Highway 5 Cabarete, Dominican Republic | +1 829-540-5114

Claro Cafe, Cabarete, DR

Before heading off on a trip to Gri-Gri Lagoon we stopped at Claro Cafe to get some food for the day. Their tofu scramble with some hummus was pretty good!

Claro Cafe, At Hotel Casa Blanca, 50 meters east of Jannet's Supermarket, Dominican Republic | +1.809.889.1406

Voyvoy, Cabarete, DR

This is one of the main party spots in town. At night they have some fun Karaoke and some dancing video-games. But this bar is also a restaurant, so I grabbed the fruit platter while relaxing on the beach.

Voyvoy, 5, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Natura Cabana, Cabarete, DR

Natura Cabana has a permaculture garden on their property and a delicious chocolate raw cake you don't wanna miss!

Check out their menu below... look for V: vegetariano
and VG: vegano. ;)

Natura Cabana Menu

And here are some photos from the trip. Cabarete, DR is super fun!

I explored the hot spots in town, from Kite Beach and Dudu Lake to Gri-Gri Lagoon and Playa Diamante, the white sand beach.


Do you have a favorite vegan friendly restaurant in Cabarete? Be sure to share with us below...

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