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VSG investigates: Asheville, NC, number 1 vegan town... really? Let's take a look

All right, all right... so if you are like me and love to read vegan magazines, blogs and websites, the town of Asheville, North Carolina always seems to top the charts of most vegan friendly cities. So I decided to investigate myself and to Asheville I went.

Vegan Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

But before we get to all the fun in Asheville, here is a bonus: I first stopped in Charlotte, NC to visit old friends who had recently moved there.

To my surprise there were a few great vegan and vegetarian friendly places to try, and this one in particular had recently opened its doors. So here are some pics from "Bean Vegan Cuisine", which you can check out at And here is a complete list of vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants from our friends at HappyCow:


After a great time hanging out with friends in Charlotte, we headed over to Asheville... a quick 2 hour drive. But let me tell you... the road was full of rolling hills the constantly took you up and down, which scared me a bit in the beginning. But after a few ups and downs I got used to it, and all in all it was a fun drive. And what beautiful views I must say!!!


Vegan Restaurants in Asheville, NC

And there I was, in Asheville. My friends and I stayed at the beautiful Hotel Indigo in downtown. Great views from the glass windows and an easy walk to local restaurants.

So let's get started! I only had 2 days in town and a list of restaurants that I planned to visit. Here is where things got tricky though, very tricky...


Day 1 of 2:

The funny thing I learned is that you have to check each restaurant's schedule closely. Having lived mostly in big cities, I was used to things being open daily. So I was surprised when we went to "Laughing Seed" on a Tuesday for lunch, and IT WAS CLOSED!

We then headed right over to "Plant"... and guess what? ALSO CLOSED for lunch. lol!

The next day we planned a bit more carefully. Here are some pics from the "Laughing Seed"...


It was lunch time but no one was there yet... that's why we decided to order take out. The picks above are from the dishes we shared, including those delicious vegan cookies! Yummm...!

Day 2 of 2:

After a semi-disappointing first day we decided to take it easy. We checked out the restaurants directory at HappyCow once again..., but while driving around we spotted a Vegan Drive-Thru. Awesome! So we just had to give it a try. The place was cute with a varied menu, here is their link:

But the portions were a bit small, so we headed to Whole Foods down the street to grab a few snacks.


And what an awesome Whole Foods it was! We got Free hugs (see pic) and it was the best, and most vegan friendly, Whole Foods I've ever been to. The lunch bar was absolutely packed with vegan friendly options. I've been to many Whole Foods throughout CA and FL, but at the Asheville store there were more vegan snacks and desserts than I had ever seen before. And that vegan cake in the picture was so awesome that I grabbed 3 and ate them all. Just kidding, I shared them with my friends!

Final tips: So for my next trip I will plan more carefully and take a look at each restaurants' schedule more closely — and I will have many more pics to share. Overall, I had great fun, enjoyed the wonderful food and a lovely little town!

If you have any additional tips or feedback please share below. Thanks everyone!



Do you have a favorite vegan city, restaurant or store? Be sure to share with us below...

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