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Life-saving! It clearly shows how a coffee enema, a cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture, etc...
Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, full of beneficial information...

Eldi Oils Store

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Eldi Oils 475 ml

Dr. Budwig's Best ELDI Oil

According to ancient epistemology, solar energy is stored in the germination of oil seeds as a vital element. Eldi-Oils are carefully prepared and produced from strictly controlled and absolutely natural products. Dr. Budwig explained that these high quality oils feed the organism with biologically pure and useful energy.

linum usitatissimun, Triticum vulgare
Store in a cool and dry place or refrigerate

Purely organic cosmetic product by Dr. Johanna Budwig

Learn ELDI Oil Home Therapies

*Eldi Oils in the USA and Canada

You can now follow Dr. Budwig's Eldi Oil Therapies at home. Her 3 main oil therapies are illustrated on the DVD.

Please note: No refunds due to the nature of the product, they can't be re-sold and would be discarded.

1 Eldi Oil R 475 ml (USA Orders)

Ideal size for Oil Enemas

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Int'l orders ship via Priority Mail. Please note that customs can cause delivery delays, which vary by country, 1-3 weeks.

Please note: No refunds on Int'l orders.

1 Eldi Oil R 475 ml (Int'l Orders)

Ideal size for Oil Enemas

$90 plus $35 Priority Mail Int'l

Learn how you can easily administer ELDI Oil Therapies at home:

Eldi Oil Packs | Eldi Oil Body Rub | Eldi Oil Enemas



This is a clip from our DVD "A Day in the Budwig Diet"


“Without these fatty acids, the respiratory enzymes cannot function and the person suffocates, even when he is given oxygen-rich air. A deficiency in these highly unsaturated fatty-acids impairs many vital functions. First of all, it decreases the person’s supply of available oxygen. We cannot survive without air and food; nor can we survive without these fatty acids. That has been proven long ago.”

— Dr. Johanna Budwig

"I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won't listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won't do it, so I'm blackballed in every country."

— Dr. Johanna Budwig

Who was Dr. Budwig? Read more here

(via email, Nov 2017) My wife's skin looks wonderful since using the Eldi Oil… amazing in fact!

ELDI Oil Therapy: Body Massage

I started using the Eldi Oil on my wife. We are more than amazed to see that her dry scaly skin is now soft AND more amazing as the oil has apparently absorbed into her body, and it "moisturizes" all of her skin, even where I haven't rubbed the oil.

What we do: While she is laying on her side, I rub the Eldi Oil on her back, shoulder area, buttocks and back of her legs. Within a week or so the dry skin looks wonderful, smooth and soft! No dryness on any part of her body… and I only rubbed the Eldi Oil on the backside! I can only assume the Eldi Oil is being absorbed by the skin and moving into cells on the entire body. Pretty incredible. (...) read more


A Day in the Budwig Diet: The Book

Learn Dr. Budwig's Complete Home Healing Protocol. Plus New Science Supporting the Budwig Diet, Clarifications and Answers to Your Questions learn more | watch the video-trailer


*Eldi Oils in Europe: If you live anywhere in Europe the best place to order Eldi Oils from is at: http://www.dr-johanna-budwig.de

You will need an European credit card and address.


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