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Life-saving! It clearly shows how a coffee enema, a cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture, etc...
Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, full of beneficial information...

(Tumor of the Palate) The Natural Healing of my Mother...



Dear Ursula,

I'm here to say thank you for your support and to finally confirm the healing of my mother, first by the work of God, along with the diet and supplements. The tumor in the palate is now fully cured (as confirmed by her latest MRI tests). My mother began treatment in March 2012, and since then she began on the natural supplements. The sore palate began to be dissolved in August of the same year.

Here is the funny story. The MRI found that it was surgically removed, but we are all witnesses that the only treatment was faith in God and the use of diet and natural supplements, since because at her age (86 years), she was actually unable to undergo surgery and refused to be treated by chemo and radio. The reason I’m only now emailing you this healing testimonial is that the new MRI was complete only a short time ago, because she did not care for physicians. I’ll be sending the first and last exams to you so you can see the truthfulness of her healing.

It's a wonderful thing that should be shared with all human beings, really fantastic! Since her healing now, the only thing we have been doing is sharing her story to all who need and are desperate about their healing, I believe that’s the best way of saying thanks. Thank you, a thousand thanks.

Doroti, Curitiba, Brazil, November 2013
[translated from Portuguese to English]

[Doroti via email after we posted the article] "Huge thank you all for your support, may God continue enlightening you all in the fight of this monstrous disease, hugs."

From BudwigDVDs: Doroti's mom followed the Budwig Diet, natural juices, vegetables, low sugar fruits, eggs, and also supplemented with Carnivora and Omega 3 oil caps.


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Thanks to Dr. Om for sharing the great news:



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