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Life-saving! It clearly shows how a coffee enema, a cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture, etc...
Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, full of beneficial information...

Linseed boosts immunity, cures ailments: Verma (Dec 2010)


submitted by Dr. O. P. Verma, India

Linseed (alsi) is an anti-aging food with disease preventing properties. It not only boosts immunity in the human body, it also provides relief in several diseases including diabetes, cancer, constipation, skin and hormonal disorders, blood pressure and other health ailments.

So said President of the Flax Awareness Society, Dr. O. P. Verma while addressing a press conference at the Kota Press Club in Kota on Monday.

As the most abundant plant source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Flax seed helps restore balance.

Even Mahatma Gandhi wrote in one of his books that wherever flaxseed becomes a regular food item among people, there will be better health.

He said that Flaxseed is richest source of Omega-3 named Fatty acid on earth. Flaxseed contains proteins and several minerals and is also the richest source of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-carcinogenic Lignans on earth, several hundred times more than any other source.

About the ways to use flax seed and flax oil in home cooking, Dr. verma said, "Sprinkle ground flax seed on your curd, cereals and salads. It can also be added to the whole wheat flour for making bread, chapattis or parathas."

The recommended daily dose is 30-60 grams.


Dr. O. P. Verma from India travelled 3000 Km from Nov. 28, 2010 to Dec 14, 2010 for the Awareness of Flaxseed. He is been doing a fenomenal work across India to promote the healing properties of Flax. During his campaign he arranged many seminars, workshops and press conferences in many cities in India. His journey was very successful and they received great print as well as electronic media coverage.

Below are some of the photos for his journey.

Congratulations Dr. Verma on all your wonderful work and thanks for sharing it with BudwigDVDs.com!


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