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Life-saving! It clearly shows how a coffee enema, a cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture, etc...
Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, full of beneficial information...

Links and photos of some of the supplements that may be compatible with the Budwig Diet

Note: Always consult your health professional before starting any dietary program.


Essiac Tea

The Essiac herbal formula was discovered by Nurse Rene Caisse. She helped hundreds of cancer patients at her clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. One of Caisse's patients was her own mother, Friseide Caisse, who was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 72. Her mother's physician reportedly said she had only days to live. Thanks to Essiac her cancer was gone and she lived to be 90. You can download a free PDF of the complete History of Essiac here.

Not recommended to brain tumor patients: Rene Caisse noticed that many times before the tumor would break down it would initially grow instead. To the brain tissue, this can be extremely damaging and affect mental or body functions, since during this rapid growth some areas of the brain can suffer excess pressure.


Flor-Essence Herbal Tea

Flor-Essence was created years after Essiac tea but it contains the same 4 main ingredients, including Burdock root, Indian rhubarb root, Sheep sorrel and Slippery elm (the inner bark). It is said that when these herbs are mixed in exact amounts, the mixtures make the immune system stronger, have anti-inflammatory effects (decrease swelling, redness, and pain), and show anticancer activity.

See warning to brain tumor patients above, under Essiac Tea.


Pau d'Arco or Lapacho Tea

Laboratory studies suggest that lapacho and other compounds from Pau d'Arco may have effects against cancer, as well as other illnesses. Pau d'Arco tea or tincture concoctions have had beneficial effects for cancer victims, including complete remission of tumors. In the US Pau d-Arco tea is affordable and sold at natural food stores. Not compatible with Poly-MVA.



Mushrooms like Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi, Chaga and Cordyceps contain many polysaccharides, molecules that have been shown in lab studies to have beneficial effects in fighting cancer cells.

Historically, the use of medicinal mushrooms dates back to ancient Asia. Currently, manufacturers are investing in controlled clinical trials to clearly demonstrate the general health benefits of mushrooms, and to identify the specific biochemical reactions that lead to enhanced immune reactions.

Shiitake mushrooms are the easiest to find at natural food stores and are a common ingredient in many Asian recipes.

Animal studies with Maitake mushrooms have indicated that natural killer (NK) cells, the body's first line of defense against disease, display increased activity levels of more than 80 percent, while cytokine secretion and T-cell production are also enhanced. There has been only one human study, which demonstrated a reduction of tumors in breast, liver and lung cancer patients and reduction in chemotherapy side effects, including nausea, vomiting and pain.

Recent studies in New Zealand show that a combination of Reishi and Cordyceps extracts had beneficial effects on the quality of life for some advanced cancer patients. Researchers believe that a mixture of the active ingredients from different mushrooms maximizes the immune response by providing multiple stimuli to the body's natural defenses.



Goldenseal Root

Goldenseal is a wild perennial herb native to North America. It has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy for everything from cuts and scrapes to cancer. Goldenseal contains a chemical, berberine, which has anti-microbial properties. It's a natural antibiotic, immune stimulant and digestive aid.

The use of goldenseal was taught to early American colonists by Cherokee medicine men and women, who used it as a cure for cancer. It has also been used by successful physicians in many cancer treatments, including Dr. John Pattison, who initially used bloodroot but later switched to Goldenseal because he regarded it as clinically superior.


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