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Life-saving! It clearly shows how a coffee enema, a cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture, etc...
Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, full of beneficial information...

Questions... Fighting cancer but I have been a vegetarian for very long time, no bad oils (i.e. hydrogenated) or MSG, plus all of the bad additives.


Dear Josephine,

As you will see in the book, you should probably eliminate all high oleic oils.

*The HO sunflower oil is not the best for your case.
*The Olive oil for the salad is also not the best.
*The Sacha Inchi oil sounds ok when cold-pressed.
*Be careful with lavender as it has hormone properties. Probably safer to eliminate it. Google lavender and strogen.
*About the genesis bread, there is also low-carb approaches, but since you don't eat much it's probably ok. (just dont spike your blood sugar)

Via email:

Dear Miss Escher,

Bless be the Almighty and blessed through Him be you. When I sent my E-Mail I was never expecting a response. Thank you very much for all the information you sent me and most of all for your concern.
I have been a vegetarian for very long time, no bad oils (i.e. hydrogenated) or MSG, plus all of the bad additives.

Although,after I found out about my cancer I am almost on a completely raw food diet, no sugar, no flour, no dairy, no gluten, Due to so much contamination I don't even eat fish. The only bread I sometimes eat one slice of is Genesis 1:29 by Bread For Life. To the Budwig diet I do not even add the daily Honey, as it states. I only use one teaspoon of honey 4 to 8 times a year. Whenever I use heat to cook, my only cooking oil is organic Centrifuge unrefined Coconut oil or organic H.O, sunflower oil. Other oils I use for salad are organic Sacha Inchi oil or organic Olive oil, all cold pressed. Sacha Inchi by itself contains 48% Omega 3, 36% Omega 6 & Omega 9. If a Substitute is needed, I use Sunflower oil. As for the vegetables I consume, I only heat them, to eat them mostly raw. I also use various kinds of organic oils topically, between them I like to use as a deodorant a mix of Frankincense, lavender, Sandalwood Oils. Everything from food, oils, legumes, vegetables are all Organic. I try to use more good oils in my diet because of the way I eat. I eat some good organic nuts and Chia seeds for added nutrition and Omega 3. I also use Wheat grass, Broccoli Sprouts, green papaya, barley grass and milk thistle powders to make a shake. I have done quiet a bit of other cancer protocols including some of the one's you mentioned, because you never can go to sleep with cancer after you get it. I have had mine a long time without knowing it and even before I became a vegetarian; If I still have the cancer, I am not sure, as I am not a doctor person (don't trust them). But I am thinking of going for a CA-125 cancer test count, just to see what's the status of my cancer. Thanks to the L-rd I am not feeling ether shaky or weak.

As now the only dairy in my diet is the Muesli of the cottage cheese/flax seed oil combination. One thing is good with all of my treatments and Protocols, I do not be stressed about having cancer, I am not afraid of it. With only G-d help and the people like you He sent my ways, I just try to at list keep my cancer in control. Thanks again, GOOD LUCK DEAR.


Via email:

Dear Miss Escher;

About the delay of ELDI oils, don't you worry about it, I do understand. Better it is a little waiting and get a good product than get it faster and get the wrong thing, specially for a women 70 year old with breast cancer who will not permitted, the Cutting, Poisoning or Burning. I took instead the all natural approach and after almost 3 years of the diagnosis, I am still doing fine, so far. At the time I have been on the BUDWIG DIET for 4 months already and even my heart problems are a lot better.

I am so, so sorry about your father Miss Escher. I just wishes He had listen to your advises. wishing you the BEST NEW YEAR.


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