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Standard Cancer Treatments Often Fail, like chemotherapy and radiation


Article by BudwigDVDs.com

When someone gets diagnosed with cancer, they are often advised to get the standard treatment ASAP. The first line of treatment often includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Patients are often warned that failure to begin these treatments right away could significantly reduce their chances of survival. Yet there are many notable doctors who think otherwise.

Standard cancer treatments often fail and… can actually make things worse. We’ve all heard this for years from proponents of Alternative Medicine, but this time it comes from a very well known Allopathic Doctor. More precisely, Dr. Max Wicha, the founder of The Comprehensive Cancer at The University of Michigan. Dr. Wicha is also a pioneering researcher in why cancers recur and metastasize to other parts of the body.

In a recent interview with Dr. Wicha, he spoke about why cancers often return aggressively after initial treatments. When these tumor cells are killed by treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, they release substances that react with cancer stem cells (master cells). These pro-inflammatory chemicals connect with the cancer stem cells and can actually activate them.

Many researchers including Dr. Wicha say that these cancer stem cells can remain alive even after the tumor is eradicated by treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments do not effectively target these stem cells, which may be responsible for spreading the tumor to other parts of the body. Hibernating cancer cells can also be signaled back into action in the future.

Dr. Wicha sees stem cells as the key to fighting cancer. He also acknowledges the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and hopes that they can avoid them all together. For him and his research team, there is still much work to be done.

As doctors in Allopathic Medicine continue on their search, more and more health practitioners and doctors are changing their approaches in dealing with degenerative diseases. Their philosophy is shifting away from “fighting disease, ” and toward “promoting health. Yet even Allopathic doctors like Dr. Wicha acknowledge the harm that often comes with standard treatments and they are looking for better ways.

It seems that if you ignore a person’s (lack of) overall health, and focus on altering single bio-mechanism, you are bound to have side effects and/or other illnesses regardless. Side effects often come from blocking or stimulating a certain bio-mechanism with drugs. After all, every bio-mechanism in our bodies seems to have its own unique role in the cycle of life.

It’s this kind respect for nature, and functional biology that motivated people like Dr. Budwig. When you give the body what it needs to function properly, and remove the harmful elements, it restores itself. Her profound understand of biochemistry, pharmacology, and physics gave her a unique insight on how to prevent and heal serious degenerative diseases like cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, and asthma. The protocol that she developed had a documented 90% success rate with a variety of cancers, some even in later stages. She even proved her case in court after being harassed by multiple interest groups from the food and pharmaceutical industries of her time.

Dr. Budwig warned about treatments like chemotherapy for decades. People need to understand that there are many prominent doctors today who also agree with Dr. Budwig regarding the dangers of “standard” treatments. As a chief expert of drugs and fats at The Federal Health Office in Germany, she constantly disapproved of harmful pharmaceutical products, though business interests often got their way.

Dr. Budwig was far ahead of her time and modern science is constantly re-validating her work. Many people from all over the world have been helped by her protocol, and more are realizing that there are non-toxic methods of healing the body. It’s important that we educate ourselves about these issues. More knowledge means better decisions.

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are based on the work and research of Dr. Johanna Budwig Ph.D.

Always consult your physician before starting any dietary regimen, or any other form of therapy.

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